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Liittyä (Verb type1)


  1. to join
    liittyä (jäseneksi) puolueeseen ― to join a (political) party
  2. to be related to, be associated with, be part of
    Asiat liittyvät toisiinsa.
    These things are related to each other.
  3. to have to do with
    Muistelen, että hänen kirjansa liittyi avaruusolentojen tekemiin sieppauksiin.
    As I recall, his book had to do with alien abductions.
    Liittyykö tämä mitenkään suunnittelemaasi juhlaan?
    Does this have anything to do with the party you were planning?
    Kyllä, minulla on auto, mutta miten se liittyy pätevyyteeni toimistotyöhön?
    Yes, I have a car, but what does that have to do with whether I am qualified for a desk job?
  4. (chemistry) to be added (be subjected to an addition reaction)


Indicative Conjugations

The present, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect (past perfect) tenses in English correspond to "speaks", "spoke", "has spoken", and "had spoken".

Conditional Conjugations

The conditional present and perfect moods in English typically correspond to "would" and "would have".