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Relative pronouns

Relative pronouns connect sentences to each other by referring back to people or things previously mentioned.

Both Joka and Mikä typically mean which or what, though Joka can also be used and understood as who or whom depending on the context.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Joka Jotka
Partitive Jota Joita
Genitive Jonka Joiden
Illative Johon Joihin
Inessive Jossa Joissa
Elative Josta Joista
Allative Jolle Joille
Adessive Jolla Joilla
Ablative Jolta Joilta
Case Singular Plural
Nominative Mikä Mitkä
Partitive Mitä Mitä
Genitive Minkä Minkä
Illative Mihin Mihin
Inessive Missä Missä
Elative Mistä Mistä
Allative Mille Mille
Adessive Millä Millä
Ablative Miltä Miltä