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Items, actions or events in the sauna.

Word Description
Kauha, kippo The ladle or spoon used to throw water onto the sauna’s stove.
Kiuas Sauna heater or stove.
Kiuaskivet The stones for the sauna’s stove.
Kiulu A small bucket used for the löyly water, usually made of plastic or wood with rope.
Laudeliina, pefletti The towel or paper one can sit on, typically used in a public sauna.
Lauteet Elevated benches one sits on in the Löylyhuone.
Löyly The act of throwing water on sauna’s stove and the heat, humidity and temperature in the sauna as a result of the steam.
Räppänä A small air hole near the top of the Löylyhuone, typically adjustable with a slideboard.
Vihta, vasta A whip or whisk typically made of birch branches. Used to beat self or others in sauna.
Word Description
Löylyhuone Room where the saunaing takes place.
Pesuhuone Washing room, which is often the same room as the Löylyhuone but cleaning is done after saunaing.
Pukuhuone Dressing room.
Word Description
Puusauna Wood sauna, the most common type found in public or cabin saunas.
Sähkösauna Electric sauna, the usual type for personal or home saunas.
Savusauna Smoke sauna, less common than wood or electric saunas.