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Interrogative pronouns

Interrogative pronouns, also known as question words, are used to ask questions to find out more information about something. These often take the form of “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and “how”, but there are a number of other types of questions depending on what information is being inquired.

Kuka - Who (Singular)

Ketkä - Who (Plural)

Kenen - Whose

Kenelle - To whom, for whom

Kenellä - Who has

Mikä - What (Singular)

Mitkä - What (Plural)

Mitä - What (Plural)

Minkä - What, which

Milloin - When

Missä - Where

Mihin - To where, to what

Mistä - From where, from what

Miksi - Why

Kuinka & Miten - How

Millainen - What kind, how is

Mihin aikaan - At what time