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Verb type: 1


  1. (transitive) to share, to divide (give out in portions)
    Keittäjä jakoi ruokaa metallisen tiskin takaa. ― The cook was sharing food from behind the metal counter.
    Hän mursi leivän ja jakoi sen. ― He broke the bread and divided it.
    Kustannukset päätettiin jakaa kaikkien kesken. ― It was decided that the costs would be divided between everyone.
    Jaa kakku!Divide the cake!
  2. (transitive) to distribute, divide (deliver or pass out)
    Postinkantaja jakoi myös sanomalehdet. ― The postman also distributed the newspapers.
  3. (transitive, figuratively) to mete out, dispense
    Hän osaa jakaa kovaakin arvostelua. ― He can mete out even harsh criticism.
  4. (transitive) to share, have or use in common
    He kaikki jakoivat saman asunnon, ruuan ja tarvikkeet. ― They all shared the same residence, food and accessories.
    Jaamme tämän mielipiteen. ― We have this opinion in common.
  5. (transitive) to divide, split into parts, cut up
    Hedelmä jaettiin lohkoihin kuivausta varten. ― The fruit was cut into slices for drying.
  6. (transitive, especially figuratively) to divide, separate
    Kysymys jakaa kansaa. ― The matter is dividing the nation.
  7. (transitive, mathematics) to divide (by = adessive)
    Kuusi jaettuna kolmella on (yhtä kuin/yhtä suuri kuin) kaksi. ― Six divided by three equals two.
  8. (transitive, card games) to deal
    Pelin aluksi hän jakoi kortit kaikille. ― To start the game, he dealt the cards to all players.
  9. (transitive) to share (send to someone else)
    Videota on jaettu sosiaalisessa mediassa jo tuhansia kertoja. ― The video has already been shared thousands of times on social media.
  10. (intransitive, vulgar) to put out (consent to have sex, especially widely, implying promiscuity)


Indicative Conjugations

The present, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect (past perfect) tenses in English correspond to "speaks", "spoke", "has spoken", and "had spoken".

Present tense conjugation chart

Past tense conjugation chart

Perfect tense conjugation chart

Pluperfect tense conjugation chart

Conditional Conjugations

The conditional present and perfect moods in English typically correspond to "would" and "would have".

Present tense conjugation chart

Perfect tense conjugation chart