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Tallentaa (Verb type1)


  1. (transitive) to record (to make a record or recording)
    Synonym: äänittää
  2. (transitive) to save, file (to store a datafile on a storage medium)
  3. (transitive) to download (to transfer a file/files to removable media)
  4. (transitive) to capture (to store, as in sounds or image, for later revisitation)
    Hän tallensi metroaseman ääniä nauhalle.
    She captured the sounds of a subway station on tape.
  5. (transitive) Synonym of tallettaa (“to store, deposit”)


Indicative Conjugations

The present, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect (past perfect) tenses in English correspond to "speaks", "spoke", "has spoken", and "had spoken".

Conditional Conjugations

The conditional present and perfect moods in English typically correspond to "would" and "would have".