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Verb type: 1


  1. to fall from an upright position; to fall down, to fall over
    Kaaduin kadulla ja loukkasin polveni.
    I fell in the street and hurt my knee.
    Puu kaatui syysmyrskyssä.
    The tree fell in an autumn storm.
  2. to fall (die, especially in battle)
    Tämä on kaikkien ensimmäisessä maailmansodassa kaatuneiden muistomerkki.
    This is a monument to all those who fell in the First World War.
  3. (of a liquid) to spill
  4. (of a government) to fall
  5. (figurative) to fail, to come to nought, to be frustrated (of an attempt, a plan, or similar)
    Suunnitelma kaatui rahan puutteeseen.
    The plan failed owing to a lack of funds.
  6. (computing) to crash
  7. (nautical) to capsize, keel over


Indicative Conjugations

The present, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect (past perfect) tenses in English correspond to "speaks", "spoke", "has spoken", and "had spoken".

Conditional Conjugations

The conditional present and perfect moods in English typically correspond to "would" and "would have".