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Epäillä (Verb type3)


  1. (transitive, + partitive) to doubt, question, wonder, be skeptical about, be doubtful
  2. (transitive) to think, suspect, guess, imagine, conjecture, surmise, hypothesise/hypothesize, believe, suppose
  3. (transitive, + partitive) to suspect, mistrust, (be) distrust(ful of), be suspicious of, harbour/harbor suspicions of, be apprehensive about, believe guilty
  4. (intransitive) to feel uncertain, lack conviction, be indecisive, waver


Indicative Conjugations

The present, imperfect, perfect, and pluperfect (past perfect) tenses in English correspond to "speaks", "spoke", "has spoken", and "had spoken".

Conditional Conjugations

The conditional present and perfect moods in English typically correspond to "would" and "would have".